What is Red Team Assessment?

We can conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, but does it mean you are 100% secure from advanced threat? Does it say your defenses are growing & increasing in complexity that can match advancing attacks? For examples banks can be vulnerable to mobile malware, Oil & Gas industries can be susceptible to Automated Tank Gouge Hack (a case of a 2015 attack) and you wouldn’t know about it unless someone tried to hack it. And this is what Red Teaming can help you with, and this activity is a perfect example of the saying “the best offense is a good defense.”

What is Red Teaming?

Red Teaming is another word for Red Team Assessment; its ultimate purpose is to enhance security. A Red Team puts themselves in place of a real attacker whose aim is not to test your defenses but to somewhat penetrate by all means possible. The assessment is designed to conduct a full scope, multi-layered attack to measure how well the company’s security infrastructure can withstand an attack from a real-life adversary. These highly trained security consultants tend to think creatively to perform attack scenarios to reveal potential vulnerabilities.  

These attacks can provide an opportunity to identify compromised systems and individuals that make your organization vulnerable. These vulnerabilities can stem from cultural bias in system design, flawed conclusions, or the limitations and expectations of an insider perspective. 

6% to 28% of the attacks is conducted with the help of current or former employees of the infected organizations – InfoSec Institute 

Why you should consider Red Teaming?

It is easy to assume your company does not require red teaming for reasons like, ‘My company is too small,’ ‘we do not store a lot of critical information’ or ‘we have a strong security architecture.’ But you may be surprised that most bad actors tend to target companies who are in these exact assumptions. 

It is not just the critical information that is of interest. IoT, the technology that is an integral part of our business functions is at risk as well. A successful red team assessment will be able to identify those unsuspected vulnerabilities. The red team will perform the test by considering the scale of your organization and the threats faced by the industry. It can also be customized depending on the organization requirements. 

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