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91% of Middle East businesses say compliance pressures take up a significant proportion of time and resources

Accelerated digital transformation and associated risks combined with the rapidly evolving regulatory environment is increasing compliance pressures for businesses in the Middle East.

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In today's volatile landscape, breaches, disruptions, and non-compliance can result in severe business implications (fines, penalties and brand repute).

This is where GRC can help you build the right defense. With Paramount, say goodbye to silos, manual tasks, and complexity. Through automation, unification, and empowerment, we pave the way for risk reduction and business success.

How does Paramount GRC platform help?

Automate in hours

Eliminate excel sheets, manual collection of data, and documents

Get real time insights

Access all reports from a single source

Collaborate better

Gain enhanced risk visibility and identify artifacts easily

Bespoke GRC Solutions

To Minimize Risks

Why choose Paramount for GRC?

Paramount simplifies the process of implementing a comprehensive GRC program.
Market Knowledge

With 26 specialists, we have one of the largest pool of GRC experts.

Our in-depth understanding of the market has resulted in an approach that emphasizes practicality and incorporates the best practices.

Single Source of Truth

Our tailor made GRC solutions align with the current maturity level of the customer and helps to evolve to an integrated system rather siloed spreadsheets and applications.

Real-time Risk Reporting

Our advanced solutions give customers the visibility, insights, and actions they need to limit risk while making your GRC efforts more efficient.

Case Studies

Enhanced & Streamlined GRC Program
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How do we work?
  • Define

    Current state assessment Engage with stakeholders for optimal solutions

  • Design

    Customize platform to suit business requirement. Document the business requirement

  • Development

    Customized configuration POC demo – Progress in an agile fashion.

  • Deploy

    Review, test & validate. Integrate legacy data. Go live

Frequently Asked Questions

GRC refers to an integrated approach to manage multiple programs related to Governance, Risk and Compliance. Managing these programs in silos can be inefficient and time-consuming for an organization. An integrated GRC helps organizations to successfully achieve their regulatory objectives.

Being a service provider in the Middle East for more than 30 years, our experience coupled with best in-market GRC solutions allows us to provide our customers with the most efficient approach of managing governance, risk and compliance aligned to their business objectives.

All GRC solutions implemented by Paramount are tailored to customer requirements, making it an unique and most aligned GRC implementation.

Since most of our clients are based in the Middle East, it is important for us to understand and adhere to the region’s compliance regulations. Our experts simplify compliance requirements, ensuring clear communication with clients.

We cater to all industries ranging from Banking, Finance , Oil & Gas, Government , Hospitality, Healthcare, to name a few.


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