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Precision in Protection:
Elevate Security with Paramount's Managed Security Services
Organizations need a comprehensive information security strategy that seamlessly integrates technology with human intelligence to address potential threats.

Early detection and response capabilities help to mitigate threats and safeguard your most critical business assets around the clock.

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Changing infrastructure can be costly, and we recognize this challenge.

Hence, we prioritize flexibility and being vendor-agnostic to address it effectively. As a versatile MSS provider, we tap into our vast network of vendors and partners to provide customized solutions aligned with your evolving business needs.

Our adaptability ensures that we meet your unique requirements, delivering the tailored support you deserve.

Security Operations Center

A SOC You Truly Deserve

We seamlessly integrate threat-hunting capabilities with next-generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems to accurately detect advanced cyber threats. But our approach doesn’t stop there.

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Why choose Paramount for Managed Security Services?

With over three decades of experience in information security, we leverage multiple technology partnerships to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.
Dual Advantage

Drawing from our consulting and implementation strengths, we help you eliminate security blind spots, accelerate innovation and growth.

Proactive Detection

A combination of AI/ML –powered tools and
malicious network experts in Governance and Privacy, Paramount helps you anticipate and eliminate threats
even before they materialize.

Market Leader in the Middle East

With more than 100 clients across the GCC, we know the pulse of the market.

Case Studies

How an UAE government agency improved its security posture
Full case study

Paramount MSS Model

Our Managed SOC service leverages our expertise in assessment, design and implementation, along with a team of information security professionals with a proven history of managing SOCs across three distinct models.
How do we work?
  • Understand security infrastructure and posture

  • Align with the security aspirations of clients

  • Design the right architecture

  • Associate with the most suitable partner

  • Implement

  • Monitor 24x7

Paramount Value Addition

Our Managed SOC service leverages our expertise in assessment, design and implementation, along with a team of information security professionals with a proven history of managing SOCs across three distinct models.
60+ Experts
35+ Entities
6 Partners
40k EPS
450+ Potential threats averted daily

Frequently Asked Questions

Having served more than 100 entities in the region, Paramount tailors its Managed Services & Security Assessments to tackle the region’s unique security challenges with its wide range of offerings, incorporating global threat intelligence and compliance standards to provide tailored solutions.

Paramount Assure stands out in the Middle East by employing a proactive approach, focusing on customer satisfaction, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and seasoned professionals to deliver comprehensive managed services and assessments.

Paramount ensures security for Middle Eastern businesses through robust cybersecurity measures within the SOC team with 24/7 monitoring, rapid incident response, and customized solutions to effectively mitigate regional threats.

With a team of over 60+ security professionals in the MSS team in the region, Paramount prioritizes rapid deployment of security measures, employing agile methodologies and streamlined processes to implement solutions promptly while maintaining effectiveness.

Paramount emphasizes the significance of proactive security measures, showcasing its SOC’s advanced threat detection, threat hunting in line with hypotheses on the Mitre Attack Framework, and expert analysis to proactively identify and mitigate emerging cyber threats, offering organizations a proactive defense strategy.


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