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The digital age has seen a rise in virtual identities, making evaluating and controlling access to each identity more critical than ever. Companies have shifted their focus from simply implementing data centres to ideation, creating hybrid environments such as “On-Prem”, “Cloud”, and “SaaS services”. With users now working remotely and bringing their own devices, the evaluation process has become increasingly complex to identify “Who has access to what Systems or Applications and Why?  

At our company, we help customers streamline their Identity Governance and Access Management processes and build a future-proof framework. We also assist in creating roadmaps for maturity, implementing technologies, and providing support throughout their Identity and Access Management journey.


Challenges You May Face

Identity Security is like an iceberg; while the visible requirements are above the surface and can be easily seen, the underlying complexity and pain points remain hidden. That is why we consider Identity Management a Program rather than a Project.

Common Challenges

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Paramount’s Managed Services offer the industry-best solutions, technology, and expertise to help secure your information assets relentlessly.

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We are committed to providing you with the latest and greatest technologies through our strategic partnerships with top-tier technology providers. 

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The Identity Lifecycle manages employees’ access and governance to business tools and information as they join, move or leave an organization. This mainly includes a majority of its manual processes that are quite time-consuming and error-prone, leading to the organization being exposed to unnecessary risks if an individual not granted access can access and utilize a specific system.

Identity Lifecycle Management solutions automate this process that manages, controls, and restricts an identity and grants the employees only the ‘right access’ to do their jobs efficiently.

Access Governance or IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) is the process of ensuring that the employees, contractors or third-party vendors, customers and systems are the only individuals with the right level of access to the applications and data of an organization.

IGA process includes managing access, audit and compliance reporting, access certification and reviews, and granular access to applications, file shares and unstructured data. All of these will be carried out in compliance with the company’s policies.

Privileged Access Management is the process of managing and controlling the access to ‘privileged resources’ by ‘privileged users or administrators’ – These are the most critical identities/accounts in any organization and require the principle of zero-trust, least-privilege access, continuous monitoring, password rotation, audit-logging and session recording to avoid misuse or security breaches.

The Multifactor Authentication process requires multiple credential confirmations before allowing access to a particular Application or System. User is only granted access when they present numerous forms of evidence, such as passwords, pins, biometric data, etc., for proof of authenticity.

SSO is a process of Identity Management that allows users to access multiple independent and non-integrated systems through a single ID.