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Regardless of your industry, security gaps in Operational Technology can pose a threat to you, your customers and the nation.

Paramount offers a robust security practice that leverages industry-leading technologies to ensure that OT & cyber security work in harmony.

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As a OT Security System Integrator, we understand the unique challenges organizations face when securing legacy systems that weren’t designed with security in mind.

We stay up-to-date with the latest security technologies and best practices to ensure that our clients are protected against emerging threats with the highest level of service and support.

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Why choose Paramount for OT Security?

Paramount offers comprehensive OT Security Assessment services to Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities, Transportation, Smart Cities, Healthcare and more.
Full suite of OT and IoT Security Offerings

Our team is equipped to handle all your security needs including Risk & Compliance, Asset Management, Incident Detection Response & Recovery, Network Segmentation & Isolation.

Retrofits, Isolated Systems or State-of-Art

Regardless of the current state of your OT systems, we have the expertise to support you.

Over three decades of experience

Drawing upon our extensive expertise, our team of architects and instrumentation engineers can craft resilient OT security controls.

Maturity to a Robust OT security
  • Safety & Security

    Secure by design, enable human and equipment safety

  • OT Maturity

    Set & measure yourself against industry standards

  • Visibility

    Get holistic security view of all assets

  • Productivity

    Avert downtime, increase productivity through safe and secure operations

Frequently Asked Questions

Operational Technology (OT) covers many systems and devices that interact directly with the physical world. These systems and devices detect and control physical or informational parameters.

OT systems consist of a network of physical or control components (E.g., Electrical, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Instrumentation, etc.) that are part of a larger system, such as manufacturing, refinery, transportation, etc.

Relevance of OT security in the Middle East Markets

In the past few decades, the economies of the Middle East have been largely driven by Oil and gas. With turbulence in oil prices and decreased oil dependencies worldwide, many countries in the GCC have devised ambitious plans to create mega-manufacturing hubs and smart cities.

With a focus on safeguarding critical infrastructure, Paramount has been a trusted cybersecurity ally for over 30 years. Our expertise extends seamlessly into Operational Technology (OT) security, catering to industries like airports, oil & gas, and utilities.

Why Paramount?

Deep OT Security Expertise: Our experts come with a decade of OT security experience tailored to the Middle Eastern landscape. We align with industry standards like IEC 62443 & NIST 800-82 for comprehensive protection.

Tailored Solutions: Paramount offers bespoke OT security solutions, understanding that one size does not fit all. We collaborate closely with clients to develop strategies and deploy industry-leading tools.

Ongoing Support: Our commitment does not end with deployment. Paramount ensures continuous threat monitoring, incident response, and support, providing peace of mind for your operations.

Why Middle Eastern Businesses Choose Us:

Regional Presence: With 9+ regional offices, Paramount offers localized support and understanding.

Compliance Assurance: Navigate complex regulations seamlessly with our expertise in regional standards like OTCC, QCSF, and NESA.

Operational Continuity: Safeguard critical infrastructure and resources with proactive OT security measures.

Peace of Mind: Our 24×7 SOC ensures round-the-clock protection, allowing you to focus on core operations.

Partner with Paramount!

As a vendor-agnostic partner, we tailor solutions to your unique challenges. Experience resilience and success with Paramount’s OT security expertise. Reach out to fortify your OT infrastructure and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Paramount Assure’s OT solutions are crafted to seamlessly integrate with the intricate industrial systems prevalent in the Middle East. We understand the nuances of OT environments, encompassing legacy systems, outdated protocols, and aging assets. Our methodology revolves around a comprehensive grasp of our client’s needs and a detailed examination of their current systems and workflows.

Operational Technology serves a crucial role across diverse sectors, and Paramount’s extensive portfolio caters to:

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Chemical Sector
  • Commercial Facilities Sector
  • Communications Sector
  • Critical Manufacturing Sector
  • Dams Sector
  • Dairy Sector
  • Defense Industrial Base Sector
  • Emergency Services Sector
  • Energy Sector
  • Financial Services Sector
  • Food and Agriculture Sector
  • Government Facilities Sector
  • Healthcare and Public Health Sector
  • Information Technology Sector
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste Sector
  • Railways Sector
  • Roadways Sector
  • Transportation & Logistics Systems Sector
  • Water and Wastewater Systems Sector


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