Our People and Culture

Uniting Integrity, Excellence and Leadership
At Paramount, we embrace the philosophy of distributed leadership, valuing each team member as a potential multiplier.

This belief is ingrained in our culture, fostering thought leadership that drives innovation and progress.

Our workplace is characterized by a vibrant atmosphere fueled by the passion and energy our people bring to their roles, creating a dynamic and collaborative environment.


A key focus is placed on coaching and mentoring, prioritizing the growth and development of our team members.


With a customer-centric approach, we strive to not just meet but exceed expectations, recognizing the transformative impact of our work.


Serving as catalysts for change, we uphold integrity as the cornerstone of our values, ensuring trust and reliability in every action we take.

Our Values

Our core values are more than just principles. They’re the shared ideas and beliefs that unite us all, guiding how we treat one another and work together to change the world. It’s not just what we believe—it’s the way we live and how we hold one another accountable.

Our Clear Value System

Meet our Leaders

Nurturing brilliance and fostering growth define Paramount's exceptional team.
Despite the technology-driven nature of cybersecurity, it's the individuals within the company that truly make it extraordinary. Our leadership is distributed across levels, guaranteeing a holistic approach to operations, growth,
and maintaining top-notch cybersecurity standards.

Corporate Governing Council
Premchand Kurup Chief Executive Officer
Krishnakumar K Chief Financial Officer
Ashok Chandrasekharan Chief Operations Officer
Divya NT Chief Officer – Employee Experience & Fulfilment
Vaishal Mehta Chief Transformation Officer
Executive Management Team

Paramount's operational excellence is further exemplified by its dedicated Business Unit Heads. These individuals spearhead critical areas of the business, combining expertise and industry insight to deliver specialized cybersecurity solutions.

Suhas Varambally Senior Vice President – UAE
Sanjay Parikh Vice President - Qatar
Yasser Abdulghany Mohamed Vice President – Kuwait
Namith Najeeb Vice President - KSA
Manjunath Country Manager - Bahrain
Ramesh Vempali Vice President - Consulting
Nitin Rajotia Vice President - GRC & Data Privacy
Hala Alsadi Portfolio Manager - Cloud Security
Rahul Bhatia Portfolio Manager - IAM
Divya Raj Portfolio Manager - OT & IoT Security
Mukund Setlur Head Marketing
Priyanka Venkateswar Manager - Business Excellence
This organizational structure ensures efficient decision-making and execution, showcasing Paramount’s commitment to nurturing leadership at every level.

Diverse roles within the organization reflect a holistic approach to cybersecurity, covering governance, finance, operations, employee experience, and specialized business. units, all working seamlessly towards the common goal of providing unparalleled cybersecurity solutions to safeguard critical information and infrastructure. Paramount's organizational structure is a testament to its dedication to excellence, innovation, and leadership in the cybersecurity domain.

Glimpse into Our Team
Code of Conduct

Doing when nobody watches is the standard that we set. Our conduct is inspired by transparency, bringing the best to our customers through open communication.

Our Alumni Network

Our alumni network stands as a direct reflection of our success across the Middle East. Some have become our valued customers in prominent firms, while others have founded their own cybersecurity businesses.

Our Awards

Our true awards are our customers' praise and appreciation for our frequent and exceptional service. We are also recognized and respected by our peers in the industry.

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Comprehensive cyber security solutions for individuals and businesses