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Nurturing Transformation Through Employee-Centric Innovation and Customer-Focused Empathy

Guiding Principles

Nurturing transformation through employee-centric innovation and customer-focused empathy

Paramount’s success is guided by fundamental principles, encapsulated in the belief that employees are the cornerstone of transformation.

The focus on customer orientation involves providing cutting-edge technological services with empathy, anticipating and addressing customer needs.

The commitment to adding value to shareholders extends beyond financial gains to creating a lasting legacy and contributing to the community.

Corporate Governance Framework

Upholding Trust, Defining Vision, and Ensuring
Effective Performance at Paramount

Paramount’s CGC (Corporate Governance Committee) is pivotal in maintaining the reciprocal system of trust and faith essential for the organization’s existence and thriving.

It defines the vision, mission, values, and goals, ensuring the implementation of policies, processes, and systems for effective performance management, value creation, risk management, and governance.

Any organization exists or thrives because of a reciprocal system of trust and faith that people inside the organization and people outside the organization have in the Organization. The CGC is the custodian of this trust and faith.

Corporate Governance Framework(CGC)
Vision CGC defines vision, mission, values & goals
Strategic Plan Management ensures a 3-year strategy, and a annual operating plan are in place
Metrics & Reporting Management reports to board on performance & health
Compliance to best practices CFC ensures annual objectives are met & long-term value creation initiatives are launched in full compliance to best practices & defined policies
Accountability CGC ensures Policies, Processes & Systems are in place for performance management, value creation, risk management & governance
Performance Management CGC ensures performance evaluation systems for management are in place
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