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Secure your data in the cloud without compromising on flexibility or scalability.
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As technology advances, cloud platforms revolutionize how people collaborate and operate their businesses. With the migration of business-critical workloads and data to the cloud, the traditional perimeter-based access control is no longer applicable or suitable.   

Paramount Cloud Security solutions provide the tools & necessary guidance with best practices for protecting sensitive data and trusted accounts from cybercriminals. Our technology offers a reliable platform that covers every device, identity, application & workload in your organization and gives you a secure connection to all your customers. 


Challenges You May Face

Challenges with Cloud that need attention. 

Why Paramount

Paramount has a wealth of experience in Cyber Security, offering bespoke solutions and services to meet your company’s specific needs. We provide priority to the cloud native security features and controls that don’t require any extra licenses or products, our consulting and deployment services focus on identifying all the rich security & compliance controls available as native within the Cloud service provider. With this you can benefit from our added value. Our people, process and technology approach allow us to effectively collaborate with our customers to quickly identify their identity issues and prioritize them based on severity. 

Our Technology Partners

We are committed to providing you with the latest and greatest technologies through our strategic partnerships with top-tier technology providers. 

Our Solutions

  • Data classification fuses categorization with labeling to deliver a robust data protection and governance punch. 
  • We enable organizations to manage and control their data better, streamline operational performance and improve return on technology investment. 
  • We provide a comprehensive data classification & protection solution using Microsoft Azure Information Protection. 
  • Integrate Azure Rights management with classification capabilities extended to SAP application and AutoCAD files using Secude. 
  • Unique integration with ForcePoint DLP solutions for the end-to-end data protection. 
  • Cloud Security Assessment boosts the security of your public clouds by identifying threats caused by misconfigurations, unwarranted access, and non-standard deployments. 
  • Paramount conducts security assessments for Office 365 / Azure / Hybrid cloud stack to uncover optimum solutions and controls. The advantage of this exercise is the availability of built-in Office 365 / Azure Security features & controls. 
  • Identity is the new perimeter; businesses today must launch new applications and services quickly to connect customers and employees to their services anywhere, anytime, anyplace. 
  • Our Identity Security solution mitigates security risks by enforcing granular security policies to stop unauthorized access to sensitive resources and data while providing seamless access to trusted users. 
  • Microsoft modern authentication combined with robust industry-leading solutions like Conditional Access, Seamless SSO (Single Sign-On) using Pass-through Authentication (PTA), Password Hash Sync (PHS), Multifactor Authentication, Password protection, Identity protection are the new norms.

Paramount’s IAM and Microsoft practice has extensive experience building solutions with Azure Active Directory and its premium features. The practice focuses on providing Access Governance & Automated Provisioning apart from Single Sign-On, Multifactor Risk-based Authentication for any user type. Azure Active Directory can integrate with most third-party applications, cloud or on-premises, accessed from Corporate or BYOD Environments by Employees, Partners, or Consumers.

Advanced threat protection (ATP) is a category of security solutions that defend against sophisticated malware or hacking-based attacks targeting sensitive data. Our services include:

  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection (AATP) cloud-based security solution that leverages on-premises Active Directory signals to identify, detect, and investigate advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious insider actions directed at your organization. 
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (O365 ATP) provides comprehensive protection by leveraging trillions of signals from the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph and analyzing billions of emails daily. 
  • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MDATP) helps enterprise networks prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats. 
  • With the amount of flexibility, high availability, and security options available in the public cloud, organizations are moving to the cloud. But migration is often more complicated than just a quick lift-and-shift. 
  • Our experts have led multiple successful cloud migrations. They will ensure yours is quick, without disruption, and sets you up to reduce costs, automate, and easily take advantage of your data. 
  • We leverage Microsoft technology to help you achieve seamless migration.

An Intelligent 360° Managed extended detection & Response Security Service powered by Microsoft Sentinel & Defender 365

  • No upfront cost, pay as you Go model along with capacity reservation (discounts) 
  • No Infrastructure maintenance and upgradation accountability. 
  • Built-in Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR)  
  • Built-in User Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA) and Threat Intelligence Integration  
  • No Ingestion charge for alerts from E3 & E5 security suite solutions, Azure AD sign-in activity along with 90 days retention free