Case Studies

How a property developer implemented IGA solution to improving security & compliance?

Identity Access Management

  • They lacked a centralized platform  to  manage user access across
    900+ departments and 25 applications 
  •  The lack of a centralized platform hindered internal and external audits that increased security risks  

  • IGA Solution provided centralized visibility  simplifying identification and management
  • Automated access reviews ensures timely verification,  streamlined compliance and reduces manual workload. 
  • Simplified audit reporting: Automates access review certifications, saving time and enhancing accuracy.


  • Effectiveness improved by 75%: Faster, thorough access reviews for better security, compliance.
  • Time down 90%: Automation frees IT for strategic tasks.
  • Centralized platform: Easy user access details for efficient management, audits.
  • Convenient user experience: Streamlined reviews simplify user participation