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Around 90% of data breaches are the result of human behaviour, making it essential to cultivate a culture of security and manage human risk. Out Think’s Human Risk Management Platform is the first solution to address this, giving CISOs visibility of the risk their workforce poses. With the evolution of companies and people, it has become more challenging to determine who has access to specific systems and applications and why. Thus, the current methods of evaluation must be adjusted to accommodate this complexity.

By integrating human insight and data from existing security systems, CISOs can
identify patterns of risk within the organization and pinpoint which individuals present the highest risk to cybersecurity, as well as determine the steps needed to tackle this risk.


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Why Paramount

Paramount offer a revolutionary Human Risk Management Platform that can effectively reduce human risk exposure for large enterprises. It provides complete visibility into the risk the workforce poses to the organization, combining human intelligence with data from existing security systems to reveal unique risk patterns across the organization. The platform offers adaptive security awareness training, autonomous phishing simulations, human risk intelligence, and predictive human risk models. The platform is backed by automation workflows and unsupervised machine learning decision-making, allowing CISOs to understand which individuals pose a higher cybersecurity risk to the organization and determine the most appropriate improvement actions to address the threat. Lastly, the platform is Sharia-compliant and offers a native Arabic user experience, making it highly relevant and valuable for users in the Middle East region.

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