Essentials of Saudi Arabia Personal Data Protection Law

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Are you a business entity in Saudi Arabia? Do you cater to Saudi residents?

Then Saudi Arabia Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) becomes important.

Personal Data Protection Law
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Essentials of Saudi Arabia Personal Data Protection Law

Compliance Handbook for Saudi Arabia’s Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) is an essential resource for any organization that collects or processes personal data in Saudi Arabia. The handbook provides comprehensive guidance on the law’s requirements and helps organizations to develop a robust data privacy program.

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KSA Personal Data Protection Law

Download the Key Obligations and Articles of KSA Personal Data Protection Law

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KSA PDPL Handbook

Download the Compliance Handbook for Saudi Arabia’s Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL)

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Paramount tackles data privacy with meticulous precision
Integrated approach to privacy

From gap assessment to privacy automation leveraging vendor partnerships, we identify and help you plug all points of contact and potential risks.

Local privacy expertise

We have local teams that specialize in Middle east regulatory requirements and industry best practices based on ISO27701 present across each operating region.

– UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain

Tailored services

Our data protection portfolio serves customers across maturity levels.

It also encompasses both internal initiatives and external vendors, ensuring utmost care to safeguard your data.

Center of excellence

Our team of privacy experts are accredited with certifications such as CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, and FIP.

They leverage cutting-edge technology to implement your data privacy program, ensuring full compliance with every relevant Middle Eastern regulation, leaving no room for uncertainty.

How We Serve You
  • Personal Data Discovery and Mapping
  • Data Subject Rights Management
  • Privacy Policy and Process
  • Cookie and Consent Compliance
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Vendor Privacy Risk Assessments
  • Contractual Reviews

frequently asked questions

Data privacy revolves around empowering individuals with control over the handling of their personal data by organizations. This encompasses principles such as upholding the fundamental rights individuals have regarding their personal data, offering transparent and equitable information, seeking consent prior to data processing, among others. Governments worldwide are acknowledging the significance of safeguarding personal data and are consequently prioritizing the development of federal regulations for personal data protection. These regulations necessitate that organizations implement robust measures—spanning people, processes, and technologies—to safeguard personal data throughout their operations.

Paramount offers comprehensive services that cover all aspects of businesses’ personal data landscape, facilitating the establishment of a strong data privacy program. Whether an organization is embarking on its initial stage of privacy compliance or already has an existing data privacy program in place, Paramount can assist in enhancing operational efficiency. As a result, Paramount caters to organizations at various stages of maturity regarding data privacy compliance.

Paramount provides services plus solutions to operationalize privacy programs. It is essential for organizations to consider people, process, and technology support to privacy operations. Paramount’s team of technology experts assist clients in automating data privacy processes. The automation service can be opted by clients for various operations such as consent management, Data Subject Rights Management, Assessment Automation, etc.

Some of the common challenges faced by organizations in Middle East are:
1. Stakeholders buy-in for the privacy program & lack of ownership.
2. Varying regulatory requirements across the Middle East.
3. Skillset gap and lack of knowledge w.r.t. privacy program implementation.
Paramount’s services help clients to address all compliance requirements and overcome common challenges.

While establishing a data privacy governance structure might look easy, it involves effort from multiple stakeholders across the organization. The governance structure must be created in alignment with the business goals of an organization to ensure minimal business interruption. Thus, it is important to evaluate various structural configurations before finalizing the best option.
Paramount understands organizational challenges and basis extensive workshops and best practices, tailors the governance structure to meet business objectives, while maintaining compliance.


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