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In an ever-changing environment, organizations need dynamic and smart management solutions that are cost-efficient.

At Paramount, we believe that the most effective information security strategy combines both technological measures and human intelligence. Our data enrichment and alert-sharing practices reflect this approach. We are committed to protecting your organization around the clock by continuously monitoring the network and being ready to respond to any potential threats.

How We Serve You

Challenges You May Face

Organizations continue to overlook proactive security measures until a severe breach occurs despite increasing awareness of the necessity for the same. Some of the challenges organization we cater to face are:

Why Paramount

With experience comes wisdom. With over 22 years of experience in the information security field, Paramount currently caters to 25+ businesses in managed security services. A team of 50+ skilled, certified professionals collaborate with the Paramount SOC team to provide you with the best services to stay ahead of cyber threats in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

Paramount partners with all leading SIEM technologies to provide businesses with the perfect team and the right tools for their needs.

Our Technology Partners

We are committed to providing you with the latest and greatest technologies through our strategic partnerships with top-tier technology providers. 

Our Solutions

At Paramount, our mission is to provide Customers with an early detection and response capability designed to mitigate against threats that would put the most critical business assets at risk. We accomplish this by providing you with a next-generation SIEM and a high-performing team, executing process discipline, and optimizing the use of technology.

By integrating these domains with our threat-hunting capabilities, our Managed SOC also accurately detects advanced cyber threats.

Our Managed SOC service combines assessment and design. Also, it builds experience using highly skilled information security professionals with a strong track record in operating SOCs on-premise. This experience enabled us to efficiently develop and run a Managed Security Operations Center.

99% of all intrusions result from exploiting unknown vulnerabilities or configuration errors.

Paramount’s Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing units are designed to help organizations determine the degree to which an enterprise’s critical information systems and infrastructure components are susceptible to intentional attack or unfortunate error due to weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

Paramount’s web-testing cycle walks through a series of tasks designed to identify asset vulnerabilities exposed to the public domain.

Each step results from meticulously researched studies that follow a proven methodology. Each stage generates an output that serves as data for individual reports or input for subsequent tasks.

We access vulnerabilities in the application layer and push the limits of network defenses, uncovering application loopholes and configuration errors, thereby ensuring high-quality assurance.

Security architecture is a cohesive design that looks at the potential risks in a particular scenario or environment vulnerable to exploitation. Paramount’s design and architecture review process strikes a balance between performance as well as network security. We enable organizations to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited to a point where they require substantial re-engineering effort.

We access the vulnerabilities in the application layer, pushing the limits of network defenses, uncovering application loopholes, and configuration errors, thereby ensuring high-quality assurance.

Paramount plays a pivotal role in your mobile application security testing framework by reducing the risk and advising on fixes.

From discovering the insecure use of cryptography to verifying the removal of all sensitive information upon app uninstallation, we check for all signs of unintentional data transmissions and nefarious activities to give you the complete solution.

With comprehensive risk analysis, testing in controlled sandboxes, and excellent virtualization capabilities, we give organizations the confidence to scale, exposing risk zones, malicious behavior, and technical vulnerabilities.

IT security risk assessments allow organizations to assess, identify and modify their overall security posture and enable security, operations, organizational management and other personnel to collaborate and view the entire organization from an attacker’s perspective.

Paramount’s structured approach and rigorous IT acumen help organizations get to the bottom of real issues and help them analyze various options and operations threadbare. This ensures adequate preparation and a meticulous approach to structured enhancements.