How did automation of 100+ processes help a Saudi telecom company improve privacy compliance?


Paramount helped a leading Middle Eastern telecom company comply with the stringent KSA PDPL by automating privacy operations, conducting 100+ ROPAs in 3 months, and implementing an On-prem Platform Solution, significantly improving privacy performance and regulatory compliance.

Icon Challenge

  • Reliance on manual processes for data privacy management posed reputational and regulatory risks for the company
  • Complex evidence management complicated handling audit queries
  • Privacy concerns stem from blind spots in identifying departments holding personal data, caused by a lack of central visibility

Icon Solution

  • Comprehensive privacy management platform that facilitates efficient management of data subject rights, vendor risk management, and data mapping
  • Automated privacy impact assessments (PIAs)
  • Improve compliance posture through Cookie and Consent Management and policy & notice management

Icon Impact

  • Automated processes and over 100 privacy impact assessments ensured we met our privacy goals, securing data practices.
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance that is in alignment with KSA PDPL requirements,
  • Streamlined Regulatory Evidence Management ensuring efficient compliance demonstration, saving time , and ensuring transparency


A leading Telecom company in the Middle East faced several data privacy challenges as they expanded their business operations and customer base. They needed to comply with the KSA PDPL, a new and stringent data protection law that required them to respect data subjects’ rights, manage data processing risks, and document their data flows and assessments. They also wanted to improve their privacy performance and efficiency by automating their privacy operations and reducing manual work.

This case study explores how Paramount helped successfully conduct 100+ ROPAs in just 3 months and implemented an On-prem Platform Solution, significantly improving privacy operations and ensuring regulatory compliance for the Client.

Client Challenges

The client, a leading Telecom company in Saudi Arabia, witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, propelled by the burgeoning demand for innovative technological solutions across various industries.

Their exponential growth brought with it various challenges. With an expanding client base spanning diverse sectors, the need to safeguard sensitive personal information became crucial. As regulations such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Personal Data Protection Law (KSA PDPL) came into force, the client found themselves grappling with the daunting task of ensuring compliance while simultaneously meeting the evolving needs of their clients

They faced several challenges in managing their data privacy obligations, such as:

  • Manual Processes: Struggled with manual processes, leading to inefficiencies and errors.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Complying with the KSA PDPL regulations became difficult for the client.
  • Complexity in Evidence Management: Managing regulatory evidence was complex and resource-intensive.
  • Blind spots: Limited insight into departments holding personally identifiable information created blind spots within the organization.

Paramount's Solution

After carefully assessing the client's challenges, Paramount implemented an On-prem Platform Solution with OneTrust, a comprehensive privacy management platform. The solution included several modules tailored to address the Client's specific needs:
  • Data Subject Rights Management: Established efficient data subject rights management, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements regarding data access and rectification.
  • Vendor Risk Management: Facilitated the assessment and management of vendor risks, helping the Client to mitigate potential privacy risks associated with third-party vendors.
  • Data Mapping: Implemented data mapping functionalities in order to help them keep track of their data flows and processing activities.
  • Assessment Automation: Automated privacy impact assessments (PIAs) and other assessment processes, reducing manual efforts and improving operational efficiency.
  • Cookie and Consent Management: Provided robust capabilities for managing cookies and obtaining user consent, ensuring compliance with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Policy and Notice Management: Facilitated the management of privacy policies and notices through the OneTrust platform, ensuring that the Client’s privacy practices remained transparent and compliant.

Impact of Implementation

  • Achievement of Privacy KPIs:

    By automating privacy requirements and conducting over 100 privacy impact assessments (PIAs), among other tasks, the Client successfully achieved their privacy Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the year
  • Regulatory Compliance

    Paramount's solution helped the Client adhere to the KSA PDPL requirements, ensuring that their data processing activities complied with local regulations.
  • Simplified Regulatory Evidence Management

    OneTrust simplified the management of regulatory evidence, allowing the Client to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards efficiently.
  • Streamlined Privacy Operations

    The implementation of the solution streamlined privacy operations for the Client, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced manual effort.


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Why choose Paramount

Paramount stands out as the best choice for businesses when it comes to privacy due to its comprehensive end to end data protection solutions. It offers consulting, services and  robust tools for data discovery, risk assessment, and incident response, tailored to each business’s needs. Paramount’s commitment to staying ahead of evolving privacy laws and industry best practices ensures unparalleled protection against data breaches and regulatory fines, making it a trusted leader in safeguarding business privacy.


OneTrust Platform offers a comprehensive suite of privacy, security, and data governance tools, ensuring compliance with global regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and more. The platform’s user-friendly interface and robust features enable companies to manage data privacy requests efficiently, conduct privacy impact assessments, and automate compliance workflows. By leveraging OneTrust, businesses can build customer trust, mitigate risks, and enhance their overall data protection strategies.