How a Leading World Expo in the Middle East Elevated Cybersecurity with Cloud-Native Solutions


Before its major event, a leading World Expo faced security issues due to its complex system, lowering threat visibility. The initial SIEM system provided poor protection, aggravated by automation and integration shortcomings. Partnering with Paramount Assure, the Expo upgraded to Microsoft Sentinel, enhancing security management, threat detection, and response times. This integration improved security significantly, with custom dashboards streamlining threat management.

The solution resulted in a 20% reduction in cyber-attacks, quicker incident handling, and a 50% rise in team productivity.

Additionally, it cut infrastructure costs and reduced operational overhead by 20-30%, enabling scalable efficiency without any major investments.



The client, one of the world’s largest expos based in the Middle East, transitioned into a smart city that utilizes cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to create a dynamic environment for businesses, residents, and tourists.

This hub combines culture, education, and entertainment, offering diverse experiences from global pavilions and interactive exhibits.

The client is focused on fostering a sustainable, innovative community, attracting global events, and inspiring new lifestyles and work models, contributing to the UAE’s economic and technological growth.

Specific Challenges

The client faced several challenges related to its security environment, ahead of its marquee event.

These included:

  • Complexity of existing security environment: The complexity of its existing hybrid security monitoring system, which had become increasingly complicated over time.
  • Weakened risk visibility: Complex security monitoring reduced risk visibility, increasing susceptibility to threats and hindering the security team’s effective response due to the lack of a unified view.
  • Weak threat protection: The existing hybrid environment used an SIEM system with weak threat protection, limited by poor risk visibility and prioritization.
  • Limited threat response efforts: Complexity and a lack of automation slowed threat responses, forcing security staff to manually manage threats, impairing their ability to prioritize critical risks.
  • Integration constraints with local systems: Complex integration capabilities of the existing solution with local systems, which is crucial for a holistic security posture.

The Solution

The client turned to Paramount Assure to tackle these challenges and moved their hybrid cloud environment to Microsoft Sentinel. The solutions include the following:
  • Streamline hybrid security environment oversight: An advanced cloud-native security information and event manager (SIEM) system to streamline the complexities of monitoring a hybrid security environment.
  • Customizable Analytical dashboards: Dashboards specifically designed to afford security analysts comprehensive visibility across the organization, all within a single pane of glass.
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft solutions: Integration with other Microsoft security solutions, such as Azure Security Center and Microsoft Defender, fortified the overall security framework. This integration provided an interconnected defense mechanism against potential threats.
  • Automation of incident notification and response processes: Automation streamlined security workflow, enabling rapid alert identification and reducing manual effort, allowing analysts to focus on critical threats.

Microsoft Sentinel streamlines security operations across complex environments.

Customizable Analytical Dashboards

providing comprehensive visibility

Seamless Integration

with other Microsoft solutions

Interconnected Defense

system enhances cybersecurity measures

Impact of the Implementation

  • Enhanced Threat Visibility

    With real-time insights, the client proactively addresses threats, improving its cybersecurity stance and leading to a 20% drop in cyber-attacks, indicating fewer overlooked threats.
  • Improved Incident Response Times using Automation

    This sped up incident identification and mitigation, reducing impacts and damage from cyber-attacks by enabling early containment, thus saving potential losses.
  • Operational Efficiency

    Sentinel's dashboards and reports streamlined workflows, focusing analysts on high-priority threats, boosting SOC effectiveness and security team productivity by 50%.
  • Cost Savings

    Achieved scalability without major capital spending, and reduced operational overhead by 20-30%. Savings stem from lower maintenance costs, reduced space needs, and flexible scaling.

The Components of Microsoft Sentinel Solution

Microsoft Sentinel Overview Page


Microsoft Sentinel Built in Advanced Hunting Feature


Microsoft Sentinel Built in Analytic Detection Rules


Microsoft Sentinel Built in Available Playbook Feature


Why choose Paramount Assure as your cloud migration and implementation partner for enhanced security?


Paramount specializes in seamlessly transitioning complex security environments to advanced, cloud-native SIEM systems.

Our approach includes delivering customized security enhancements, such as tailor-made analytical dashboards and integrated Microsoft security solutions, ensuring a personalized fit for your organization’s needs.

Our strategies not only bolster cybersecurity but also drive operational efficiencies and cost reductions, making us an ideal partner for organizations looking to enhance their security posture economically and effectively.

Microsoft Sentinel:

Microsoft Sentinel stands out for its ability to streamline security operations across complex environments, offering customizable analytical dashboards for comprehensive visibility.

Its seamless integration with other Microsoft security solutions creates a robust, interconnected defense system. The automation of incident notification and response processes significantly improves efficiency, allowing security teams to focus on critical threats.

By adopting Microsoft Sentinel, organizations can achieve operational efficiency, reduce costs associated with on-premises infrastructure, and enhance their cybersecurity measures effectively.