How a Leading Real Estate Developer Boosted Access Management and Audit Compliance, Enhancing Review Effectiveness by 75%


A multinational real estate development company faced significant challenges with its access management and laborious manual audits across numerous departments and applications. Partnering with Paramount Assure, the firm deployed an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution that centralized visibility and streamlined access review processes. This strategic implementation, leveraging SailPoint IdentityIQ, introduced automated provisioning, robust compliance controls, and AI-driven identity management enhancements.

The outcome was a significant operational transformation, boosting access review effectiveness by about 75% and reducing time spent on access management by approximately 90%.



The client is a leading real estate development company based in Dubai, renowned for its substantial portfolio that includes residential, commercial, and retail properties. As a pioneer in the real estate industry, the company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of operational efficiency and security, overseeing an extensive network of departments and applications that support its vast and diverse property offerings.

The customer faced several access and audit management challenges. These included:

  • Complex Access Rights:

    Over 900 departments and 25 applications complicated managing access

  • No Central Visibility:

    Without a unified platform, monitoring diverse access rights was problematic.

  • Manual Audits:

    Conducting manual IT audits was labor-intensive, error-prone, and inefficient, with 3-4 annual audits from entities like Internal Audit, KPMG, and government agencies.

  • Dependence on Application Owners:

    Needed individual application owners to provide access information, causing delays.

  • Inefficient Reporting:

    Manual processes hindered timely and accurate reporting, impacting compliance and decision-making.

The Solution

To address these challenges, the customer partnered with Paramount Assure to implement an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution:
  • Comprehensive Visibility: The IGA solution provides complete transparency over who has access to what across all applications, simplifying management and oversight.
  • Scheduled Access Reviews: Managers can now review user access on a regular schedule. This systematic review process ensures that employee access rights are verified consistently by their respective managers.
  • Audit Compliance: Regularly scheduled access reviews help the customer meet stringent audit requirements efficiently, maintaining compliance with both internal and external standards. This structured approach enhances security and supports compliance across the organization.

SailPoint IdentityIQ enhances IGA across diverse environments.

Automated Provisioning & Deprovisioning

Robust Compliance Controls

Predictive Identity Features

Impact of the Implementation

  • Centralized Access Information:

    Provides detailed visibility on user access across critical applications.
  • Efficient Review Process:

    Streamlines access review certifications, now just a few clicks away.
  • Improved Effectiveness:

    Access review effectiveness has increased by approximately 75%.
  • Time Efficiency:

    Time required for access management and reviews reduced by about 90%.
  • Enhanced Visibility:

    Offers comprehensive visibility of access across all users and applications

Why choose Paramount Assure as your Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution partner for cutting-edge security and efficiency?

Paramount Assure IAM solution:

Paramount Assure’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities provide robust security and efficient management for enterprise systems. Their IAM solution offers advanced features like multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and user access reviews, ensuring secure and streamlined access control. With its scalable architecture, it supports a range of industries, enhancing compliance and reducing security risks. Paramount Assure’s IAM tools are designed for ease of use, offering comprehensive reporting and policy enforcement options.


SailPoint delivers powerful identity and access management solutions tailored for complex enterprise environments. Its offerings include automated provisioning, password management, and compliance controls, facilitating secure and efficient user access across various systems and applications. SailPoint’s identity governance capabilities provide clear visibility into who has access to what, ensuring that access rights are granted according to policies and regulatory requirements. Additionally, its predictive identity features leverage AI to streamline and secure identity processes.