Case Studies

How did automation of 100+ processes help a Saudi telecom company improve privacy compliance?

Data Privacy

  • Reliance on manual processes for data privacy management posed reputational and regulatory risks for the company
  • Complex evidence management complicated handling audit queries
  • Privacy concerns stem from blind spots in identifying departments holding personal data, caused by a lack of central visibility

  • Comprehensive privacy management platform that facilitates efficient management of data subject rights, vendor risk management, and data mapping
  • Automated privacy impact assessments (PIAs)
  • Improve compliance posture through Cookie and Consent Management and policy & notice management


  • Automated processes and over 100 privacy impact assessments ensured we met our privacy goals, securing data practices.
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance that is in alignment with KSA PDPL requirements,
  • Streamlined Regulatory Evidence Management ensuring efficient compliance demonstration, saving time , and ensuring transparency