Microsoft Security Copilot – Paramount is excited about the most awaited Generative AI for Cyber Security

With Artificial Intelligence taking over the technology landscape, hackers are not left behind. Cyber threats are increasing at an alarming rate and becoming sophisticated. It is quite challenging for the traditional Security Operations Centre (SOC) to cope with the speed of cyber-attacks.

According to reports, current organization challenges are - organizations use an average of 80 separate security tools to manage their environment indicating fragmentation, in the US alone there is a shortage of resources with 3.4M job openings in cyber security space and 28% of the business leaders are concerned about data and IP loss due to improper use of AI. This clearly calls for a paradigm shift in the security landscape.

To meet the changing landscape of cyber security threats, organizations are now compelled to equip themselves with an agile technology – that addresses the speed of the changing threat landscape, multiple security tools in the organizations, and specific tool set knowledge.

We are thrilled to leverage Security Copilot for our customers which can significantly optimize the human intervention for the most complex deep analysis with a little or no cyber security skills using the natural language.

*Source: Microsoft, IDC and ISC

What is Security Copilot from Microsoft?

Security Copilot, an AI cybersecurity product will empower the organization to defend at machine speed, simplify the complex, collaborate better, and help catch what may have been missed given the security fragmentation and talent shortage in an organization.

Security Copilot enables security professionals to respond to cyber threats quickly, process signals at machine speed, and assess risk exposure in minutes. This enables security analysts in the cyber defense center to do deep investigations and respond to incidents much faster than a traditional SOC.

It is an end-to-end security cloud and platform that offers leading capabilities that span security, compliance, identity, device management, and privacy.

Security Copilot is the only security AI product that combines a specialized language model with security-specific capabilities from Microsoft. These capabilities incorporate a growing set of security-specific skills informed by Microsoft’s unique global threat intelligence and more than 65 trillion daily signals.

How Customers Benefit from Security Copilot

Turnaround time for incident response can be drastically improved: Our SOC analysts working for various customers today spend an average of 2 hours to drill down security incidents and collect threat actor activities, relevant evidence & reports. This goes beyond certain complex incidents. This time goes down from hours to minutes when Copilot is available with the analysts.

Workforce optimization: A significant portion of SOC analyst workforce can be reduced or can be leveraged for other cyber security activities.

Prevent Attacks from lateral movement quickly and reduce the attack surface: With faster detection & response, we can reduce the attack surface significantly by containing the compromised asset to the minimum possible & thereby protect organization’s critical assets & data.

Security Copilot Integrated to existing tools

The Security Copilot is integrated with the existing product experiences and workflow across Microsoft Defender, Sentinel, Intune, Entra, Purview, and Priva. Security Copilot uses signals and data from other tools to generate guidance that’s specific to your organization. This helps security professionals to see the full benefit of Security Copilot as they go about their daily work.


Below is the mapping of Security Copilot’s integration for a specific set of use cases:

End-to-end view of threats across the digital estate.

With Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender XDR and Microsoft Security Copilot, security analysts have a unified incident experience that streamlines triage and provides a complete, end-to-end view of threats across the digital estate. With a single set of automation rules and playbooks enriched with generative AI, coordinating responses is now easier and quicker for analysts of every level.

Unified Security Operations Platform

Offering summarization capabilities directly

Security Copilot is embedded in Microsoft Purview, offering summarization capabilities directly within Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention, Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management, Microsoft Purview eDiscovery, and Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance workflows.

Copilot for Data Security

Creation of a Lifecycle Workflow

Security Copilot embedded in Microsoft Entra can assist in investigating identity risks and help with troubleshooting daily identity tasks, such as why a sign-in required multifactor authentication or why a user’s risk level increased. Microsoft Entra ID Governance, admins can use Security Copilot to guide in the creation of a lifecycle workflow to streamline the process of creating and issuing user credentials and access rights.

Copilot for Identity & Access Management

Real-time guidance

Provides real-time guidance when creating policies, and empowers security and IT teams to discover and remediate the root cause of device issues faster and easier.

Copilot for Endpoint Management

Enriched with contextual insights

Security Copilot embedded in Microsoft Defender for Cloud, security admins are empowered to identify critical concerns to resources faster with guided risk exploration that summarizes risks, enriched with contextual insights such as critical vulnerabilities, sensitive data, and lateral movement.

Copilot for Workload Security

Provide extensive protection and control to block risky generative AI apps

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is expanding its discovery capabilities to help organizations gain visibility into the generative AI apps in use, provide extensive protection and control to block risky generative AI apps, and apply ready-to-use customizable policies to prevent data loss in AI prompts and AI responses.

Copilot for Application Security

How You Can Adopt Security Copilot?

There’s currently an invitation-only Early Access Program (EAP) for Security Copilot. Contact Your Paramount account manager or mail to [email protected] to learn more & eligibility to participate in the Early Access Program.


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