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Zero Trust is the sharpest tool to fight cyber threats. Learn from the experts how to safeguard your organization.

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  UAE 02:30 PM - June 05, 2024

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    1. Welcome

    2. What is Zero Trust?

    3. Why start with ZTNA?

    4. Practical Considerations for Zero Trust Implementation

    1. Customer Conversation with Rajesh Vikraman

    2. Case studies

    3. Q&A Session

    Some speakers who’ll make your day!


    Jason Garbis

    Chief Product Officer, Appgate

    Jason Garbis is an industry thought leader in the area of Zero Trust. He has authored two books on Zero Trust. And is co-chair of the Zero Trust Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance. He has a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University and an MBA from Northeastern University.


    Rajesh Vikraman

    Head IT infra, Cloud & Cybersecurity

    An IT leader with vast experience enabling business growth and innovation. He holds 28 years of experience with the last 8 years Heading IT infrastructure, Cloud, and Cyber security for large groups in the Middle East, with a focus on delivering scalable, secure, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for diverse business needs.


    James Tolfree

    VP Sales, Appgate

    James Tolfree has been delivering industry-leading Zero Trust Security (ZTNA) to corporate and government customers. His specialist topics include Information Assurance, Government Network Security, and Internet Security. He has a business degree from Bournemouth University.


    Amit Kumar Sharma

    BU Manager, Paramount

    Amit Kumar Sharma, a cybersecurity leader with 17 years of experience in the field, specializes in network and infrastructure security. He is deeply passionate about Zero Trust technology and has been responsible for several implementations of the technology across Middle East.


    Premchand Kurup

    CEO, Paramount

    Premchand Kurup is the CEO of Paramount Computer Systems and, more importantly, a cybersecurity enthusiast. He played a crucial role in bringing Zero Trust to the Middle East. Prem holds an engineering degree in electronics and communication.

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