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We weren’t kidding about being like a family. Even after you leave us, we like to stay connected. Paramount is one of first companies in the GCC to pioneer an alumni relationship program. Check out what some of the birds who flew from our nest have to say!

Alumni messages

Anuj Jain
Anuj Jain - StarLink DMCC, Director of Services I spent more than 5 years in Paramount, and during this span, it gave me unbeatable opportunities to grow and excel in the field of Information security. I joined Paramount as a Technical lead to manage a small team in Abu Dhabi, but with a constant recognition, trust and support from the Leadership, I moved in a role to Head the complete service delivery team for the region. It's more like a place where every accomplishment is recognized and every effort is respected.
I worked with some wonderful colleagues and amazing customers, and I really enjoyed every moment working with all of them. I would like to Thank Prem and Ram who guided me throughout my journey in the company.
Paramount provides the perfect platform for anyone to learn and shape up their career, and I am proud to say that, it’s a Great place to work.
Gopan Sivasankaran
Gopan Sivasankaran - Security Architect , SecureWorks I joined Paramount in early 2011 and worked there for 3 years. I would consider working with Paramount as one of my best career decisions. The knowledge I gained in those 3 years was splendid. In addition, I got an opportunity to be mentored by Prem that gave me a different outlook to life. I started following Prem's school of thought such as chasing excellence,looking at the big picture, MECE rule etc which eventually helped me in shaping my career and am sure will do wonders in future too. For me the decision to work for Paramount turned out to be a milestone move for me. I would recommend Paramount to any aspiring candidates who are passionate about a career in information security.
Sheikh Abideen
Sheikh Abideen - Vice President Sales Evanssion Paramount as the name suggests will always lead any aspiring employee towards the peak of his or her career objective. Great leadership, great colleagues and great customers. What more can one ask for as a platform to launch one’s career. I joined paramount 11 years back as an entry level account manager and was consistently promoted year on year as a recognition for my contribution. I was promoted to Business Development Manager, Head of Business Development – GCC, Regional Manager, Country Manager- UAE (biggest territory for the company). As I look back at those promotions I don’t know whether I deserved it or not, but one thing that reassures me is my leader and my mentor would not let my career go on the wrong path. Thank you Prem for supporting me, guiding me and inspiring me. I must thank another very important person who is also responsible for shaping my thoughts I.e. Ramaswamy. We collaborated, we debated and we had fun. Thank you. At the end I will sum up Paramount as Great place to learn, earn and have lots of fun. Thank you everyone in Paramount for making my 11 years journey so beautiful. I miss you a lot. Your friend and well wisher.
Sudarshan Mandyam
Sudarshan Mandyam - International Standards Certifications Head Office, Sydney, Australia In 2000, Paramount was a small family with a limited range of products. My role was to start ‘professional services’. I had a banking background in a highly automated environment. Paramount was my first experience in the IT industry – a cultural shock to see manual systems in an IT company that automates other organisations. Building quality processes and ISMS in a small company was a challenge. My idea of opening a branch outside UAE in Saudi Arabia was a bigger challenge. I was able to build only the ‘foundation’ for processes as well as strategic partnerships. It is nice to see Paramount grow year on year. Owners of Paramount and all employees are wonderful. Although directly I had limited success during my tenure, I am extremely happy and proud to say that I was a part of Paramount. I continue my association with Paramount by providing ‘leads’, delivering training, etc. Although officially I have left Paramount, I always have the feeling that I am still a part of the organization, but without a formal contract. I wish Paramount all success.
Ashok Chakravarthi Arulmozhi
Ashok Chakravarthi Arulmozhi - Evanssion Fzco – United Arab Emirates Paramount is a fantastic Company to work at !!! I started as a fresher in Paramount and learnt all my basics there. I was fortunate to meet Prem and work closely under his mentorship for almost 9 years fostering a very personal bond with him . I can proudly say that nobody would have taken so much time from him than me. The learning from him has not only changed my professional Life but me as a person. I sincerely thank Prem and Paramount for whatever I am today.
Jijish Gopi
Jijish Gopi - Sr.Security Engineer, Dubai Govt Department I started my journey with Paramount Computer Systems in the latter half of 2012. My stint with the Paramount family was a career changing decision for multiple reasons. I got many opportunities to learn and enhance my personal profile during my time here. More than anything the work culture which I experienced from Paramount completely changed my perception about what a corporate environment can be like. Paramount is definitely a platform I would recommend for any beginners who consider information security as their passion.
Brienish Alva
Brienish Alva - IT Governance, Daman National- Health Insurance Company I was at Paramount for over 3 years and worked in the capacity of an information security consultant during this term.
At Paramount, I was allowed to work on challenging assignments, always expected to learn and perform, while still knowing that I could bank on the support and draw on the guidance of my wonderfully passionate colleagues.
Paramount helped me hone my skills, taught me how to learn and helped me forge some great relationships. I will always look back at my term with Paramount fondly and wish Paramount all the very best for the future.


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