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Congratulation Sunil! Paramount is proud to have you as our Alumnus!
November 9, 2017
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Congratulation Sunil! Paramount is proud to have you as our Alumnus!

There are a few people you meet in life, who stand out from the proverbial crowd, and exhibit small sparks right from the first encounter which you know will grow into bright flames. When we were working with Sunil Varkey, in the dawn of Inte et Security, we too had several glimpses of the tremendous trajectory his future career would take.

It was in early 2001 that we started our Inte et Security operations in Saudi Arabia, a fledgling effort involving 4 people. Sunil was the Head of Operations , shouldering the onerous responsibility of making sure projects run smoothly, to cement our status in the new region. His drive and foresight was uniquely inspiring even in those early days when we were struggling to make a mark.

Ashok Chandrasekharan, his comrade in the pioneering quartet of the Saudi Operations, fondly remembers how Sunil had predicted the potential of SCADA Security and Consulting Services, back when both these terms were unheard of! He was instrumental in building Paramount's Saudi operations and establishing the Paramount brand in this exciting market.

His innovative spirit and passion for lea ing was something that many of us wanted to emulate while working with him. Today, they have become hallmark of the pioneering leader Sunil has evolved into.

After his stint with Paramount ended, we watched with pride as he grew and excelled in all the different hats he wore. Those sparks we had been privy to as his colleagues, glowed brightly in the years that went by. Today, we are so happy and excited to see the many peaks that he is climbing and wish him all the very best.

Sunil, the entire Paramount family is proud to have you as our alumnus and we hope that we see more accolades added to your inspiring story. Congratulations, and all the very best!

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