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The Mac Vs PC Security Debate
October 13, 2017
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The PC Vs Mac battle has been going on for years, with a staunch section of Mac users screaming from the rooftops about how awesome their machine is and an equally vociferous PC brigade decreeing that Macs are not for the true blue techies who love tinkering with everything. But for the longest time, Macs have been considered invulnerable to attacks, especially by simpletons like me.

Essentially there is little evidence to the Mac machine being more secure that the PC. However, because hackers and malware creators work on economies of scale, they tend to create more malware targeted to PCs which still comprise some 90% of the entire market. Hence, very few attacks are created to target Macs making them significantly safer than their Windows counterparts. But with more people veering towards Macs recently and inte et based attacks becoming commonplace, this is changing even as we speak.

Security is not about the operating system alone. More and more hackers are targeting plugins, softwares and applications to inject malware into your systems. Apple, by shedding default plugins and blocking automatic installation of unsigned third-party apps on Macs, has traditionally made it easier for average folks to keep themselves safe. Things like the flash plugin, have been tu ed off by Apple but still run on Windows.

Check out what some leading experts have to say about this debate.

Having said that Windows is far more quick in their response to any security vulnerabilities. When Apple last faced a major security flaw, it took 50 days to come up with the required patches. Microsoft on the other hand is extremely quick to put out patches and is more efficient in managing such incidents.

At the end of the day however, how safe your system is depends on how cautious and aware you are as users and how effectively you safeguard yourself through best practices.