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Is Cybersecurity Just about Securing the Gadgets?
October 11, 2017
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From the very linguistics of the word 'Cybersecurity', there is a certain involvement of the digital component. When we imagine cybersecurity, we are often thinking of hackers in hoodies, or the important cyber cell guy from law enforcement who is trying to fix a crisis.

But what we often forget to think of, is that there is also a very physical aspect to cybersecurity. Physical documents that you leave lying around, access passes that you loose, and anything really, that exposes your personal or your organisation's data is a compromise to security.

As part of cybersecurity awareness month, we want to throw light on some areas of cybersecurity which can often be ignored, because they do not fit into the mould of what is typically thought of 'cyber' security.

This infographic you see below is a birds eye view of Tailgating and what it means in the world of security. Stay tuned for more information on the non cyber aspects of cybersecurity.