Is your Cyber Defence adequate to protect you from Advanced Threats and Attacks?

Find out Using Paramount’s Red Team Assessment

An Advanced threat actor focused assessment performed by the highly skilled experts
The Paramount Red Team Assessment is an all-out exercise carried out by our elite tiger team to gain entry into organizational information infrastructure. The test will exploit any of necessary multivectoral means and will include activities such as custom malware drop, scripted social engineering and phishing tests, phone line compromise, physical security means etc.
We will emulate real life Advanced Attacks launched by State Actors and by Cyber Criminal Syndicates.


The Paramount Red Team Approach is a seven stage exercise combined to deliver the best result for the organization.

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Attack. Analyse. Advance.

In order to achieve an enhanced risk reduced security posture, it is imperative that organizations act on all three factors that contribute to the risk and address them appropriately.


This unconstrained targeted attack assists you in understanding the efficacy of security technologies, security processes and controls and people security awareness that makes up the overall security posture of your organization. The assessment is conducted in various modes including a blind mode with the team having limited or no knowledge about the targets and scope as in the case of a real attacker or with a limited mode in specific vectors.

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Understand how the organizational defences stack up to real advanced sophisticated attack
Identify the chinks in your organizational Cybersecurity armour which sophisticated adversary can exploit
Understand the effectiveness of your Cybersecurity Technologies and the return of investment
Evaluate your current incident response effectiveness in detecting sophisticated cybersecurity attacks
Gain confidence about your cybersecurity posture

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