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A large Saudi bank realized that a collaborative workforce is necessary to improve customer service. This collaboration is possible only when you have robust security providing you a 360-degree view of sensitive organizational data. They partnered with Paramount computer services to implement AI/ML driven security services using Microsoft 365 E5 Security Services.


In its quest to be digital bank, this leading Saudi Arabian Bank has always focused on providing fast and superior customer experience. This meant that banking systems had to be available 24/7 across multiple devices and environments. Be it a mobile phone or a cloud environment.

Collaborative work force and multiple customer requirement brings in a lot of regulatory and compliance challenges. As an example, how to prevent employees of a bank from storing data on their devices, while permitting customers to save the same information that is needed.

The bank also realized that their current legacy security systems needed multiple levels of authentication to support the ‘always on’, ‘always available’ infrastructure. It slowed down their operations, impacting customer experience. They, resolved these problems by implementing AI/ML driven security solutions from Microsoft 365 E5 in association with Paramount. Its customers and employees can now access applications from anywhere with lower and modern security driven AI/ ML. Now, they are capable of optimally monitoring data that exists on BYOD or cloud environment, preventing inappropriate employee conduct and stopping external intruders.

The impact was almost immediate, the customer cut down the onboarding time for new technologies by 90%.

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Overview - Paramountassure

The customer landscape in the banking industry is changing. Things that were considered exceptional a few years back are now business as usual. This leading Saudi Arabian Bank has always tried going beyond business as usual by trying superior customer experience. As a digital bank, the bank has always seen itself as an innovator providing tailored financial solutions.

However, being present digitally and always available is a huge challenge. BYOD, cloud environments, access controls are major challenges to face when you are striving to balance customers’ needs with compliance and IT security requirements.


Making a Decision

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To be a digital first bank, a secure remote environment is necessary. This is a nightmare if you don’t have a 360-degree view of sensitive organizational data and governance which is difficult on a disconnected third-party communication solution.


Simplify. Eliminate multiple security cadences and replace legacy security services with AI/ML solutions. Use Microsoft E5 to provide comprehensive coverage of network and app security, data security and governance, as well as customer privacy. Build a proactive system that has comprehensive Data content protection using Zero trust model that sets the security standards of in use, data at rest and data in motion. This enables you to control where the data is being sent and who is accessing it. Microsoft 365 E5 can not only protect current security needs but is well positioned to scale up for the future.


There is a lower risk of data breaches thanks to data classification.
ANB is now capable of identifying and labeling data according to its type, sensitivity, and business value. They are also able to take advantage of BYOD and cloud environments like never before.
We have cut down 90% of the time in terms of technical on boarding, with the implementation of Microsoft 365 E5. This additional mobility has given their customer service reps the ability to visit their corporate customers and provide a service at the customer's locations.

The bank has not just minimized operational costs but also improved security at the same time

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