Paramount invites you to see, experience, think and rethink at Gartner.

Paramount is the market leader of cybersecurity in the Middle East. Through mindful investment in people, process and technology, we safeguard our clients’ vital Information Assets and Infrastructure. Our aim is to provide value to all stakeholders using our Customer Insight, Industry Foresight, Collaboration and Execution Excellence.

Gartner Summit 2024.

Cybersecurity’s biggest stage yet.

Business-aligned, risk-focused cybersecurity is the need of every information, cyber and technology security leader. The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, Dubai, will feature some of the latest and most anticipated technologies, services and more.


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Fun, games @ Paramount Stall

Technology, technology, technology, and a little fun!

We plan to celebrate the time you spend at the Paramount Booth. There’s a game where you access the ‘crown jewel’ and win some cool gifts! There is more fun, more indulgences. But we’ll stop. Check these out for yourself.


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Booth No. 205

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2024.

Feb 12 & 13 - 2024, Hotel Conrad, Dubai.

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