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With privacy regulations becoming increasingly complex and new laws being implemented worldwide, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to comply with privacy laws and assess the risks caused by isolated personal data management within their operations.

Paramount provides a comprehensive Data Privacy consulting service in the GCC region. To tackle the challenges posed by privacy laws’ legal and technical demands, Paramount helps organizations develop comprehensive end-to-end data privacy programs based on relevant regulatory requirements. Our team assists in interpreting and implementing privacy requirements to show accountability, provide technology-based solutions to automate privacy services, and offers guidance through our experienced data privacy professionals to meet the organization’s privacy obligations.

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Why Paramount

At Paramount, we rely on our three pillars of services – People, Process, and Technology – to provide comprehensive protection for an organization’s critical information assets and infrastructure. Our primary data privacy services assist organizations in implementing regulatory requirements and are essential in developing end-to-end privacy programs. Our expert guidance on process enhancement and privacy implementation ensures that organizations maintain the best possible privacy posture. Our specialized service offerings help organizations create value through efficient management of personal data and increase revenue by building trust.

Our Technology Partners

We are committed to providing you with the latest and greatest technologies through our strategic partnerships with top-tier technology providers. 

Our Solutions

  • Conduct gap assessment against applicable regulations
  • Develop common control privacy checklist
  • Benchmark the current privacy compliance maturity of the organization
  • Provide recommendations to reach the target state
  • Establish a Data privacy framework
  • Design privacy program strategy and operating model
  • Set up a governance structure
  • Develop implementation roadmap
  • Operationalize data privacy processes
  • Drive data privacy services through automation
  • Implementation Support at each phase of the data lifecycle
  • Post Implementation support
  • Platform support services
  • Provide role-based trainings
  • End user awareness sessions
  • Establish privacy audit plan
  • Execute internal privacy audits
  • Evaluate audit evidence and develop conclusions
  • Prepare audit report and provide recommendations