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Paramount collaborated closely with Qatar's largest Oil and Gas organization to create a comprehensive, broad-reaching data privacy program. This case study highlights the hurdles that the client confronted in managing the personal data of over 1500 data subjects, totalling approximately 1 terabyte of data, all within the rigorous framework of Qatar's CSF compliance and the Qatar PDPPL (Personal Data Privacy Protection Law). It also sheds light on the invaluable benefits that Paramount's solution brought to address these challenges: an intricate data privacy framework encompassing data subject requests, consent management, and breach incident procedures. The program established a single interface for all consumers to initiate, track and communicate about DSR’s

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Overview - Paramountassure


A major Oil and Gas enterprise in Qatar encountered the formidable task of effectively handling a substantial amount of personal data while adhering to the country's rigorous privacy regulations. In their quest for a solution, the client, a downstream oil storage, distribution, and marketing company , sought a trusted partner to establish a comprehensive privacy governance framework from scratch. Paramount stepped in to guide the customer through the entire process, starting from the initial design phase and continuing all the way to the operationalization of a robust privacy management program, successfully executing every step efficiently.


Making a Decision

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The project involved several key tasks, including the establishment of a resilient privacy governance framework.

There were little insights about how personal data was managed by different parts of the organisation. Furthermore, employee awareness on personal data protection obligations were limited.

Additionally, there was a crucial need to automate and seamlessly integrate the requirements dictated by Qatar's personal data protection laws. Perhaps most challenging was the imperative to achieve full compliance with Qatar's data protection regulations within a short deadline. These goals collectively formed the core of the project, reflecting a comprehensive effort to navigate and excel in the realm of data privacy and legal compliance within Qatar's regulatory landscape.


Having understood the client’s challenges, Paramount proposed a strategy that encompassed the integration of both consulting and technology solution implementation. Working closely with the customer, we accomplished our task of providing an integrated solution to provide a centralized view of personal data management. We also provided a role-based training and awareness sessions to help the employees develop a privacy mindset.

Consulting Aspects

  • End-to-End Data Privacy Framework Development
    Paramount developed a comprehensive data privacy framework covering data subject requests, consent management, breach incident procedures, and guidelines for personal data breach incidents.
  • Process Automation Through Security AI Implementation
    Paramount integrated Securiti.Ai to automate key processes such as data discovery, data subject rights management, cookie and consent management, breach management, and privacy impact assessments.
  • Qatar Audit Compliance Support
    Paramount supported the customer in navigating the Qatar audit, ensuring they met audit requirements and were audit ready.
  • Consulting Aspects

  • Process Automation Through Security AI: Paramount integrated the Securiti.Ai platform for automation, including:

    Automated Data Discovery: Identified over 100 PII elements across data stores.

    Data Subject Rights Management: Automated intake, validation, fulfilment, and notification for data subject rights.

    Cookie and Consent Management: Streamlined user consent management and scanning processes.

    Breach Management: Automated workflow for managing personal data breaches.

    Data Mapping: Developed a comprehensive record of processing activities, including cross-border workflows.

  • Impact on Business

    The Qatar Privacy Audit Compliance initiative marked a significant achievement by successfully meeting the stringent requirements set forth by Qatar as confirmed through a rigorous privacy audit conducted by the NCSA (the data privacy regulatory authority of Qatar). This comprehensive audit encompassed compliance assessments for both Qatar FIFA CSF and Qatar PDPPL, underscoring our commitment to adherence.

    Furthermore, the project played a pivotal role in mitigating potential financial penalties, averting the risk of substantial fines associated with non-compliance with Qatar's Privacy Law. The establishment of robust technical and administrative controls ensured that we steered clear of QAR 5,000,000 penalties per violation. Additionally, the implementation of breach management measures further safeguarded us from potential penalties of up to QAR 1,000,000 per violation.

    Beyond regulatory compliance, this initiative led to a noteworthy enhancement in operational efficiency. By automating various aspects of privacy operations, we not only achieved compliance but also realized significant time and resource savings, reinforcing our commitment to privacy excellence.

    Next Steps

    Paramount will to continue providing post-implementation support to the customer for the next three years. This support includes routine data privacy risk management activities and continuous workflow enhancements.

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    With a presence across 8 countries in the UAE, Paramount helps organisations meet the privacy law stands of UAE(PDPL) Saudi Arabia (PDPL), Baharain (PDPL) Qatar (PDPPL), GDPR, Sectoral law (CPR, DIFC) .

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