Identity and Access Management

The current generation has seen a shift towards a more digital perspective, and this shift has led to virtual identities being far from unique, thereby intensifying the importance of permitting the assessment of these various identities and controlling the levels of access permitted to each and every identity. Companies lately have shifted their focus on ideation rather than the mere implementation of newer data-centers. These organizations operate under hybrid environments such as “On-Prem”, “Cloud” and “SaaS services” and users are now bringing their own devices, working remotely, sharing services, etc. This shift in the focus of these organizations and individuals involved has forced there to be a shift in the current methods of evaluation because the changes have made it increasingly complex to identify “Who has access to what Systems or Applications and Why?”.

Our job is to assist customers with simplifying their Identity Governance and Access Management processes, building a future-proof framework, creating roadmaps for maturity, onboard technologies, and supporting them throughout their Identity and Access Management journey.

Current Challenges

  • Identity Security is like an ice-berg; above the surface are the visible requirements which we can see and respond to them, but the real complexity and pain areas are hidden below the surface and that's why we treat Identity Management as a Program not a Project.

    Common Challenges:

  • Underestimating the need for an IAM assessment with requirements, use cases and roadmaps

  • Not onboarding all the necessary stakeholders

  • Overly ambitious 'big bang' projects migrating and transferring all users to the new system

Why Paramount

  • With over 25 years of experience in the Information Security space in the Middle East region, Paramount has worked with several key solutions in the Identity & Access Management Space. This experience led us to the belief that Identity & Access Management is a largely untapped area of security with low levels of maturity and awareness in the markets that we serve. Hence to cater to this burgeoning need, we have a dedicated Business Unit to focus on solving our customers’ Identity & Access related challenges.

    We follow the methodology of people, process and technology as the best-practice approach to understand our customer’s identity challenges and identify critical pain-points that can be prioritized based on their severity.