Personal Data Discovery & Classification

Personal Data Discovery & Classification

A data is an ever growing phenomena which is supported by organization through hundreds or thosands of data repositories, from structured systems like databases and file servers to unstructured systems like documents and emails.

They share data among employees, vendors and partners. A single individual’s data may be in multiple repositories. We help you in building a people data graph with ease where you can locate or identify any individual's data with a single click of button.

What do we offer

Individual Identification

  • Link personal information to individuals stored in the enterprise systems
  • Identify the enterprise systems storing personal information of an individual
  • Get insights about identities, PI data, residencies and data location

AI Powered Bot

  • Connect AI-powered bot to your data systems
  • Intelligent data scanning
  • Automatic discovery and linking of personal data
  • Build PI heatmap across systems and geographies

Easy Integration

  • 100+ pre-defined connectors to systems like SAP, AWS, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Box, etc.
  • Easy plug & play with no development effort


  • Automatically classify data elements and metadata across any data source
  • Incorporate multiple types of classification for comprehensive classification on all enterprise data


  • Automated DSR fulfillment
  • Mapping the regulations that apply to certain personal data
  • Assessing data compliance risks, such as violations related to data location and residency of data owner
  • Compliance with personal data retention policies
  • Generating accurate internal assessments and vendor risk profiles.
  • Quickly managing subjects’ changes to consent profiles
  • Obtaining comprehensive views of the scope of data breach or theft incidents to support tightly focused notification programs