Data Subject Request

Data Subject Request

Modern privacy regulations grant consumers broad rights to the personal data that enterprises collect from them and about them. Depending upon their location, consumers can request access to their data, request that an organization stop processing it, or request it be deleted.

Enterprises must fulfill such requests promptly, with only a few exceptions allowed for legal reasons. Each request from a consumer can translate into large numbers of often ill-defined tasks that you must perform inside your company.

What do we offer

Collection & Verification

  • DSR form builder to build collection form
  • Verifying the identity of the subject exercising their data rights

Discover the Data Subject

  • Automatically discovers systems and objects that hold subjects’ data, across hundreds or thousands of internal and external systems
  • Automatically collect or assist in collecting the subject’s personal data from each system and makes it available for review and approval
  • Identify current owners of those systems and objects


  • Automatically invites all owners and stakeholders to collaborate securely in one platform, centered around tasks and subtasks
  • Automatically enables collaboration, review, and approvals around the subject’s personal data in one platform, rather than spreading personal data further in emails and other messaging systems for reviews and approvals.

Generate Report

  • Automatically generate a report for the data subject
  • - Automatically keeps an audit trail of all the steps taken to comply with the subject request, to prove compliance in the event of legal issues


  • Robotic Assistance for timely and efficient fulfillment of data subject requests
  • Automatic linking of DSRs to identities
  • Customizable DSR forms
  • Comprehensive records for use in case of regulatory reviews and lawsuits
  • Bring collaboration to PI data, rather than sending PI data over emails