Consent Management

Consent Management

Individual consent is a core principle that shows up prominently in all privacy directives and regulations. Consent is an expression of will, with which the data subject authorizes (or withdraws authorization for) the processing of personal data.

It puts individuals in control of how their personal data is collected and used. Although consent is only one of six legal bases for processing personal data, it’s one of the most well-known approaches by which businesses establish trust while processing personal information.

What do we offer

Collection of Cookie Consent

  • Periodically scan websites to discover which cookies are dropped through the website
  • Tools to integrate cookie consent capture and management into web pages
  • Classification of the cookies

Collection of Form Based Consent

  • Forms to build customized consent collection methods & custom collection end points
  • Tools to integrate form-based consent capture into web pages
  • Facilitates the manual import of consent data
  • Allows third-party integration through APIs for consent import

Map & Correlate

  • Visualize Consent Actions in Dashboards for Analysis
  • Correlate Multiple Consent Actions by the Same Data Subject (Link consent to identity)

Track, Govern and Manage Consent

  • Consent Management Portal
  • Incorporate consent management into data maps
  • Incorporate consent decisions into records of processing activity
  • Single Identity Dashboard


  • Scan websites to automatically discover and categorize cookies
  • Assist in search and visualization of consent for a particular identity, location, datastore, etc
  • Automatically propagate consent (grants and withdrawals) to business applications
  • Automatically keep an audit trail of all the steps taken to collect and manage consent


  • Maintain comprehensive records of consent for auditing and reporting
  • Conversational interface to ask questions and get insights about consent status using natural language
  • Customizable endpoints based on branding, functionality and regulatory requirements
  • Detect and classify cookies for accurate consent notification