Compliance Management

Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

We help you keep up with the rapidly changing regulatory compliance landscape by consolidating data from multiple regulatory bodies into a single, centralized and searchable repository, document their impact on the business and establish a matured regulatory compliance program.

Key Features

Control Assurance Program Management

  • Provides the framework for an organization to systematically document their controls and assess and report on the performance of controls at the business hierarchy and business process level
  • Provides a standard taxonomy and language across the organization that enables the business to communicate better and report on compliance obligations

Data Governance

  • Provides a framework that helps you identify, manage, and implement appropriate controls around personal data processing activities
  • Ensures the accuracy, confidentiality, and transparency of PII and constantly assess the data protection risks associated with its usage
  • Easily track data retention schedules and execute a checklist based on GDPR Article 30 requirements as related to processing activities
  • Helps you maintain a register to help processing activities in accordance to directives and laws such as the GDPR

Privacy Program Management

  • Helps you identify and assess the privacy impacts and risks posed by data processing activities involving personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Provides a centralized repository of information needed to demonstrate commitment to GDPR compliance around the organization’s privacy program
  • Tracks regulatory and data breach communications with data protection authorities


  • Clear and consolidated view of the regulatory landscape
  • Prioritize and manage corporate policies and regulatory compliance initiatives quickly and efficiently
  • Consistent, scalable and measurable method for meeting the regulatory compliance requirements
  • Standardize your policy, compliance management and data processing activities involving PII across the organization
  • Ensures that top management has a complete picture of the state of compliance and enables regulators to assess your organization’s compliance to required regulations quickly