Data Security

Today businesses use various databases depending on their multiple, diverse needs. On top of that, companies have databases hosted in the cloud and on-premises. Database security is critically important as it is responsible for the comprehensive protection of all database assets, database applications and stored functions, database systems, database servers, and the associated network links. Providing quick and secure data access is essential. It is paramount to devise a database security system unique to your organization’s needs to ensure that there is no exposure.

Current Challenges

  • Difficulty in labelling critical data assets and resources

  • Lack of strong internal controls to prevent data leakage or loss

  • Lack of secure content delivery to end users leading to loss of intellectual property

  • Spoofing and Phishing attacks on emails

  • Lack of data protection during transit and data at rest

  • Human error creates complexity

Why Paramount

  • Paramount's Data Security has a thorough approach with its four practices to protect your most critical data from unauthorized access, exposure, or theft.

  • Discover and Classify Data - Assess current data environment, complete data discovery process through data analysis and organize data by relevant categories

  • Establish Data Security Strategy - Assess and score current data security processes by performing a gap analysis and developing risk mitigation roadmap

  • Protect Data - Plan, design and implement critical data security solutions including data loss prevention, encryption, and cryptographic services

  • Monitor Data - Determine governance process and metrics to enable monitoring and response for data security