Compliance & Regulatory Consulting

All organizations are susceptible to cyber-attacks both from within as well as from outside. Some organizations get targeted ‘regardless’ of their actions, but most are targetted 'because' of their actions. With the advent of social media, BYOD, and cloud computing, the possibilities for information compromises/loss have increased substantially.

Though it is not possible to completely gauge the susceptibility of an organization, it is possible to ensure a certain level of security by following these:

  • Know the risks

  • Implement controls

  • Create awareness amongst employees

Understanding this threat scenario, Paramount proposes organizations to take the first step from the above three, “Know the Risks”

Current Challenges

  • Organizations constantly find themselves facing tough mandates and regulatory actions. The potential penalties and risks to reputation when doing this are quite daunting.

    Most organizations are unaware or misled in their compliance posture as they heavily depend on Audit reports. However, Audit reports only provide sample-based and are nowhere near complete.

Challenges such as:

  • Predicting the impact of upcoming regulations on business and compliance/risk management processes

  • Determining the right compliance roles and responsibilities between different functions

  • Implementing compliance culture change across locations, functions, and teams

Why Paramount

  • Paramount is listed in the Gartner Market Guide for Security Consulting Services, Worldwide. We take a 360-degree view of information security from a people, process, and technology perspective and align your next move in terms of time, effort, and monetary investment.

    We help you:

    • Assess your policies and suggest precautionary measures on a regular interval of time to ensure continuous improvement

    • Improve your understanding of business & security risk to enhance your overall security posture

    • Design and implement compliance management policy for effective oversight and reporting of critical non-compliances

    • Conduct training programs on effective processes and practices for compliance-related activities