Cloud Security

Cloud platforms are changing the way people collaborate and run their businesses. As business-critical workloads and data migrate to the cloud, the traditional perimeter-based access control is no longer applicable or relevant.

Paramount Cloud Security solutions allow you to detect, investigate, and defend yourselves against cybercriminals accessing your sensitive data and trusted accounts. Our technology provides you with a trusted platform that secures every identity in your organization and connects you with all your customers.

Current Challenges

  • Lack of visibility and control on computing assets

  • Inadequate user access controls

  • Lack of personnel experienced in cloud security domain

  • Cloud data loss and leakage

  • Insecure interfaces and APIs

  • Insider threat (employee or contractor negligence)

  • Struggle in notifying customers affected by data breaches

Why Paramount

  • Paramount’s highly skilled Cloud Security certified technology evangelists can provide tailored solutions based on the assessment of the company's complex infrastructure, application data, and identity landscape.

    Paramount has more than 25 years of Cyber Security experience in the market. We help you address the challenges by providing cost-effective solutions and services. We provide built-in O365 security features & controls that do not require additional products or licenses. This displays the added value we provide to our customers.

    We rely on people, process and technology as the best-practice approach to better communicate with our customers and resolve their identity challenges as well as identify critical pain-points that we prioritize based on their severity.