Corporate Governance

Paramount is the market leader in cybersecurity in the Middle East.

The essence of Corporate Governance at Paramount is to not only allow the Management the freedom to propel the Company forward but to exercise that freedom within a governance framework that assures transparency, accountability, effective operational control and management of risk as well. 

Good Governance
The essence of Corporate Governance at Paramount is to not only allow the Management the freedom to propel the Company forward but to exercise that freedom within a governance framework that assures transparency, accountability, effective operational control and management of risk as well.Corporate Governance: Guiding Principles
  • Establish a solid foundation for management and oversight of the business – recognize and publish the respective roles and responsibilities of the Board and Management.
  • Structure the Board to add value – have a Board of an effective composition, size and commitment to discharge its responsibilities and duties adequately.
  • Actively promote ethical and responsible decision-making.
  • Safeguard integrity in financial reporting – have a structure to independently verify and safeguard the integrity of the company’s financial reporting.
  • Promote timely and accurate disclosure of all material matters concerning the company.
  • Respect the rights of shareholders and facilitate the effective exercise of those rights.
  • Establish a sound operations management system, Risk management and long-term Value Creation.
  • Fairly review and actively encourage enhanced Board and Management effectiveness.
  • Remunerate fairly and responsibly. Ensure that the level and composition of remuneration are sufficient and reasonable and that its relationship to corporate and individual performance is defined.
  • Recognize the legal, financial and other obligations of all legitimate stakeholders.
Customer Experience
Providing great experiences for our customers is something we strive to do every time we interact with them. Employees are encouraged to resolve issues and complaints using their expertise and available tools. If they cannot resolve the complaint, they refer it to a central team who coaches staff to deal with simple complaints over the phone or take the more complex ones from them. This approach has seen a significant improvement in the speed with which we address complaints, the quality of the resolution and the number of outstanding complaints. Our responsibilities to our customers mean we will:
  • Improve our products based on real-life feedback, and not assumptions
  • Look for opportunities to improve, enhance or increase the range of products and services we offer
  • Continue to add value to our service contracts
  • Work closely with our Business Partners to make sure they’re able to provide outstanding support to our mutual customers
  • Make sure we don’t take our customers for granted
We aim to be focused entirely on our customers by:
  • Looking at and always finding ways to improve our customer satisfaction scores
  • Listening to what customers think and changing what we do to help them
  • Making it easier for customers to work with us by enhancing communications, systems and the information we provide
Vendor Experience
We are committed to doing business with organizations that share our commitment to treat all stakeholders fairly and ethically. We are responsible for balancing the needs of our business with those of the companies that rely on our contracts and cash.Through our vendor management procedures, we aim to treat our vendors fairly. We require all staff to negotiate reasonably with vendors to ensure our activities are professional and unbiased and avoid conflicts of interest. We aim to manage vendor relationships from the initial investigation to ongoing partner management. We aim to adopt and maintain high honesty, integrity and ethics standards, such as declarations of interest, confidentiality and business gifts.
We do this by:
  • Continuing to monitor our relationships with vendors and treat them fairly
  • Supporting our vendors and appreciating their expectations as well as ours
  • roviding timely feedback to our vendors throughout RFP submission processes and working relationships
  • Support local vendors to improve and develop the communities in which we live and work
We treat them how we’d like to be treated, ethically and with respect by:
  • Handing out hints, tips and advice where we can
  • Building our relationships on openness, honesty and integrity
  • Basing our decisions on quality, service and price
  • Monitoring service levels
Employee Engagement

Our skilled and dedicated employees and their ability to deliver outstanding customer experience distinguish us from our competitors and make Paramount great. 

The People Strategy 

Paramount’s Human Resources Strategy – the People Strategy – emphasizes that for Paramount to reach its goals, our employees need to get theirs. This means that Paramount has to provide opportunities for our people to grow and live well-balanced lives. 

Balance in Life 

Paramount recognizes that sound business and a value-driven working environment create great results. At Paramount, we recognize that people have different needs at different stages of their lives, and it is essential to strike a balance between work and leisure. Our focus on health aims at identifying and strengthening the factors that enhance a healthy working environment for our employees. 

We ensure this differently, considering local conditions, rules and regulations. 

We strive to create flexible working conditions on a day-to-day basis. 

We offer our employees access to health services, with thorough health check-ups and favourable terms for leaves of absence. 

Ethical Supply Chain

Paramount holds itself to the highest legal and ethical standards for data privacy and security. Customers trust us to manage their corporate and customer data responsibly and protect it from unauthorized access or use by any individual. Paramount places the utmost importance on maintaining this trust. To ensure this, the company has a stringent set of guidelines in place that are summarized in the company’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. 

Paramount has multiple security measures to protect its systems from unauthorized access and data theft. Those security measures ensure that no unauthorized individuals can gain data access. These security measures apply to employees of Paramount and Paramount’s partners, vendors and customers. Paramount complies with all customer guidelines and policies around data privacy and security.